Three Advantages To Using Professional Shredding Service

Posted on: 9 July 2015

Too often a business will purchase a paper shredder to dispose of sensitive documents, but this type of do-it-yourself shredding is not enough to prevent problems for your company. Simply throwing away your shredded documents in a dumpster can create security and legal issues for your company. The following are three reasons to have a professional shredding service company, such as Vital Records Control, do this work for you and how this service will prevent problems due to poor document disposal.

Important data is protected

This is probably the biggest problem that can happen to a company with poor document disposal control. Shredded paper can be assembled like a jigsaw puzzle, and your data is then compromised. It can then be sold or used in any number of ways, none of which will help your company. This data is not limited to your company's financial records, but can also include legal documents and memorandums that you don't want in the wrong hands. Also, payroll data can have information that can lead to the identity theft of your employees.

Easier to comply with state regulations

Although it doesn't apply to all companies, there are certain types of businesses that must dispose of certain types of documents in specific ways. These laws continue to expand as people become more aware of the importance of data security. Areas of business that are often affected by these laws are those in the health care industry, the financial sector and businesses with consumer information. State and federal laws may require a formal process than simply using your company's shredder. A shredding service can provide certification that your documents were, in fact, shredded and disposed of completely. They will also certify a chain of custody for the documents from receipt to disposal.

Your shredded documents are recycled

Everyone wants to participate in programs for renewable resources, and a shredding service does just that. Your company becomes a part of the solution to renewable resources and not a part of the problem. A shredding service will not only protect the data contained in your documents, prior to and after shredding, but they will also recycle as much of it as possible. If you dispose of your shredded documents yourself, and they're not stolen, they are likely to end up in a landfill.

Having a lock on your dumpster or fencing around your business is no substitute for professional document shredding. This type of company can come directly to your business, or you can take the documents to them. Either way, there is a chain of security from the time the documents are received, shredded, stored and recycled. No one will have access to these documents but the shredding service, so you will have maximum security when disposing them.