How To Make Money Selling Scrap Metal

Posted on: 18 July 2015

Most households and businesses have so-called scrap metal sitting around. It could be an old appliance, discarded building supplies, a bicycle you never use or old shelving. All of these items represent money if you're willing to haul them down to a scrap yard. However, to people who have never made such a transaction, the thought of selling scrap metal can be rather intimidating. After all, most scrap yards are located in less familiar neighborhoods and you may be uncertain about what to do when you arrive at the yard.

How to sell your scrap metal

1. What to sell. Metal products made from steel, aluminum, iron, brass and copper are ideal candidates for taking to a scrap metal dealer. Each metal has a separate price, based on the desirability and supply of the metal. You'll generally get a low price for steel and a high price for copper.

2. How to sell it. Loading your scrap metal securely in an open bed truck makes it easier for the dealer to unload. If you have it inside a truck or van, you'll have to haul the items out of the vehicle yourself. It's best to limit your load to one type of metal each trip. When you arrive at the scrap yard, they will weigh your vehicle on a huge scale. After your truck, van or car is unloaded, they will weigh your vehicle again. The difference is the weight of the metal, and that's the weight the dealer will use to calculate your payment.

3. What to bring. Most cities and municipalities now require that individuals selling scrap metal show an ID and sign a release. This procedure is aimed at curbing the rash of thefts of copper piping and wire from abandoned houses. In some areas, you may even have to leave a thumbprint on file.

4. What not to bring. Scrap yards don't handle potentially hazardous material, such as items with lead, mercury and motor oil in or on them. In addition, unpunctured aerosol cans can be a safety hazard as can computer components and circuit boards. Most states prohibit dealers from accepting these items.

Selling your scrap metal can be a great way to clean up your garage, basement or office store room while giving you a little extra cash in your pocket. To make the process easier, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how scrap dealers work and what you can and cannot sell to them. To learn more, contact a business like Summit Recycling of Penn Hills.