How To Set Up Recycling For Ease Of Use

Posted on: 2 February 2016

Recycling is one of the easiest ways to provide a positive environmental impact, plus bring in a few extra bucks for your budget. One of the reasons why people stop recycling is because it becomes inconvenient. Though you can drop your cans and bottles off at a recycling center at your leisure, compiling these items at home is the hard part. If you want to start recycling to help the environment and bring in some extra cash, there are some ways to organize the recycling to make things easier for your household. Here are some recycling organization ideas that you can keep up with long term.

Dual trash can

If you used to throw away your cans in the past, you may still find yourself taking them towards the trash can. For this reason, you should get a dual trash can that offers garbage on one side and aluminum cans on the other. Be sure to label the exterior with the words for each, so that everyone in the family knows where to drop the recycling versus the garbage. Once the recycling side is filled up, you can take out the bag and go to the recycling center.

Slim recycling station

If you are trying to recycling more than one product, such as plastics, aluminum, and paper, you would do best with your very own recycling stations. Purchase slim recycling cans that look much like trash cans, only slimmer in width. Make sure they are color coded with the name of the recycling outfit on the top of the lid. Check the recycling station once a week to determine if anything is filled and needs to be taken to the recycling center. Make a note on your calendar of when each station fills up each month so that you can get an idea on how often you will need to make a trip to the recycling center.

Three small bins at the door

If you have space at the front door or back door, consider getting three small organizers to sit near the entrance.By adding the recycling to one of the entrances, you will spy on your way in or out if one of your bins needs to be emptied. When these bins become full, add them to your car or make a trip to the center to clear up space and make some extra cash for doing something good. 

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