The 3 Primary Types Of Ferrous Metal

Posted on: 10 December 2019

When it comes to recycling metals, it is important to realize that there are various ways to categorize the different metals. One way to categorize metals is by whether they are ferrous or nonferrous. When it comes to scrap metal, ferrous metals are highly valuable. If you want to collect, scrap, and recycle ferrous metal, you need to know what types of metals fall into this category.

What Makes a Metal Ferrous

Metals that are ferrous have a high carbon content. The result of a high carbon content is that ferrous metals easily develop rust when they are exposed to and encounter moisture in the environment. Ferrous metals are used in many applications.

Ferrous Metal #1: Carbon Steel

One of the most valuable types of ferrous metal is carbon steel. Carbon steel, usually just referred to as steel, is the most common ferrous metal that you will encounter. Carbon steel is composed primarily of iron, with the second most common element in carbon steel being carbon. This type of steel doesn't contain a lot of other elements, although trace amounts of other elements are often found in carbon steel. Carbon steel is used in any different applications, from physical structures to vehicles to furniture.

Ferrous Metal #2: Stainless Steel

Most people are more familiar with the name stainless steel than they are with carbon steel. Stainless steel, though, actually isn't as common as carbon steel. Stainless steel is specially designed so that it doesn't corrode. Stainless steel is commonly used to create appliances.

Stainless steel can be broken down into various subcategories. Each subcategory represents different elements that are added to the stainless-steel mixture to strengthen the steel and make it more customizable.

Ferrous Metal #3: Cast Iron

Another type of ferrous metal is cast iron. Cast iron is really strong material. Cast iron contains a high amount of carbon. Cast iron is generally associated with cooking equipment, although you can also find cast iron in smaller items such as mining equipment and hunting equipment. Cast iron is a valuable ferrous metal.

When it comes to recycling metals, one of the most valuable types of metals to recycle is ferrous metals. Ferrous metals have a high amount of carbon in them, which means they can easily rust, but which also means that these metals are highly valuable. There are many recycling centers that will gladly accept ferrous metals as they are easy to recycle and reuse. Call a ferrous steel recycling service for more information.