Recycling Copper: Why This Niche Hobby Is Worth It

Posted on: 14 September 2020

Copper recycling is something you can certainly get into, provided you are prepared for the benefits copper recycling can bring. When you do copper recycling on the regular, you end up with a great hobby that can challenge your mind and really pay off. Recycling copper is more than just collecting bits of the shiny copper metal, and it's definitely not the same as recycling other types of metal, like steel or aluminum.

Here are some reasons why you should consider copper recycling for your niche hobby. Before long, you'll get the hang of it and you can make yourself a decent profit from this fun and environmentally sound side gig.

Copper Has Value

Copper has a certain value to it can be higher than that of other easier-to-find metals, which means you can get more per pound for the metal. Like all precious metals, copper prices do vary, but you can track the value of copper via precious metal tracking apps, the stock market, or even online. A single pound of copper may be worth $3 or more, which is impressive when you collect the metal in larger amounts.

Since copper carries a higher value per pound than some other metals might, if you know where to look for this precious metal, you can almost turn collecting copper into a career. A single ton of copper can be worth several thousand dollars, so if you can collect this much in a month, you can make a career out of this scrap metal recycling venture.

Copper Is Unique to Acquire

It's easy to get steel and aluminum metals, because these metals are used in most major appliances, in vehicles, and in construction equipment. Copper, on the other hand, is more of a unique metal to get your hands on and makes for a more challenging find. Your copper adventures will lead you to tear apart refrigerators and electronics, sift through plumbing parts and equipment, and really start seeking certain materials to get the copper pieces you need.

As a bonus, anything you collect for copper value will also likely have gold, silver, or other valuable metals in it, so you can make money on your copper finds along with other more common metals.

A lot of recycling plants accept copper recycling but prices for your collections will vary. It's beneficial to you to shop around before choosing one recycling plant to cash out in. This way, you get the most value for your investment and make copper recycling most beneficial to you