• Three Advantages To Using Professional Shredding Service

    Too often a business will purchase a paper shredder to dispose of sensitive documents, but this type of do-it-yourself shredding is not enough to prevent problems for your company. Simply throwing away your shredded documents in a dumpster can create security and legal issues for your company. The following are three reasons to have a professional shredding service company, such as Vital Records Control, do this work for you and how this service will prevent problems due to poor document disposal.
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  • Urban Prospecting: Four Tips To Get Precious Metals Out Of Junk

    If you want to start a hobby prospecting for precious metals like gold, today, you do not have to pack everything up and move to the desert. There are a lot of precious metals that you can find in urban junk like electronics. The metals you can find range from everything to copper, aluminum, silver and gold. There are complicated processing techniques to get these metals, as well as hobby enthusiasts that use simple scraping techniques.
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  • Eliminate Trash with Minimal Waste—A Size Guide for Roll-Off Dumpsters

    Whether you're looking to clean out a small garage or entirely refurbish your home, dealing with a large quantity of waste can be a difficult task. Roll-off dumpster rental services can help you accomplish your goals, but many people hesitate to invest in a dumpster rental out of concerns surrounding purchasing a size that they don't need and losing money. Luckily, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to eliminate those concerns.
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